An LED Candle for Banquet Halls Makes Candlelight Easy

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The warm glow of burning candles creates an inviting atmosphere that can’t be replicated with standard lighting. Light Emitting Diode – or LED – candles for banquet halls are so indistinguishable from real candles that you won’t notice the difference, only the advantages.

A melting candle can create a mess when it softens enough to allow hot liquid wax to spill. Dripless candles can help, but the melted wax can drown the wick, keeping the flame short and dim. Some candles release black smoke that can stain walls or ceilings, and all require vigilance to avoid a fire hazard, especially in a banquet hall.

LED candles for banquet halls feature a realistic wick design that conceals the LED bulb inside the wax, hidden from view. The combination of the realistic wick design and the perfect glow and flicker the LED emits through the rich wax creates a beautiful ambiance, identical to that of a lit candle.

LED candles for banquet halls flicker to simulate a real flame, delivering the beauty of real candles with the safety and convenience benefits of LED technology.
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LED Candle for Banquet Halls

With many special event venues not allowing open flame candles, an LED flameless candle for banquet halls is a fantastic replacement at weddings, receptions, holiday celebrations, Bat Mitzvahs and any other event that candles are traditionally used at. Many modern LED candles offer flickering LED lights that replicate a true flame built into a real wax candle. It takes a very close inspection to even tell that they are not real candles.

The Look of a Traditional Candle

Lighting candles, especially when you’re dealing with a sizeable venue like a banquet hall, can take a lot of time and energy. Spare lighters and matches must always be available and breezy areas could require relighting of some candles, not to mention the fire hazards and potential clean up situations that can arise because of burning wicks and melting wax. Battery-operated candles or LED candles come in bulk in many different shapes and sizes, and simulate a real candle. Other benefits of LED candles include:
  • Up to 3,000 hours of candlelight
  • Rechargeable options for added cost-savings
  • Real wax construction with plastic resin outdoor options
  • Programmable timer; candles turn on/off according to the schedule that you decide
  • Flickering Flame Technology creates the illusion of a real, flickering flame
  • Remote control options to easily turn candles on/off with the touch of a button even from across the room
With many styles, shapes and sizes, LED candles are not only great for setting the tone of the event, but also for offering a very important safety aspect, especially in banquet halls.

Brighten up the Venue Without the Stress


Each LED candle is designed for multiple uses. Simply add the batteries to the candle and watch as the embedded LED light inside begins to flicker and glow. When the light fades or goes out, replace the battery and you are ready to go again without the messy wax and open flame, or you can take advantage of convenient rechargeable options.


Provide the ambience of real candlelight at a special event with an LED candle for banquet halls. 

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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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